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  We dry up wet basements and crawlspaces––permanently. No other waterproofing or drainage company has done it better and more consistently over the last 25 years. “A” Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. offers the highest quality waterproofing & drainage systems & solutions available, at a very fair price. No other basement waterproofing & drainage contractor in Portland, Oregon and the Pacific N.W., or the systems and services they provide will compare to the experience and dependability of ‘’A” Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. That is our guarantee! 

  The systems and services we provide have been continuing to keep basements and crawlspaces dry year after year. We offer our valued customers a guaranteed lifetime warranty to instill their continued confidence in us. We have the highest customer satisfaction rating year after year, with the absolute lowest amount of service calls. Make sure to call “A” Waterproofing & Drainage Inc., Oregon’s leading basement waterproofing & drainage company, for all your basement waterproofing & drainage needs.

  We have decades of hard work and continuing research, combined with the added knowledge and experience of growing up here with the rainy Oregon weather and our wet Pacific N.W. The top-rated professionals at “A” Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. were able to design and then develop the most effective, reliable, and dependable long-term solutions for permanently drying up wet basements and crawlspaces, when the others can't!

  We managed to take the best concepts from conventional methods of waterproofing and combine them with the most updated, dependable, and effective waterproofing and drainage systems ever designed, with remarkable and undeniable results that are continuing to prove true. The time-tested and long-term methods and the systems our company has developed to permanently dry up wet basements and crawlspaces are quickly being replicated by others throughout our industry. When you continue to be rated #1 year after year, you tend to be noticed by others. Especially when you consistently offer the best products, systems, and services available, you will become easily recognized & known for being an industry leader. We continue to be the highest rated basement waterproofing & drainage contractor in Oregon, year after year, based on our proven ability to constantly provide accurate and permanent waterproofing & drainage solutions, where all others have failed. 

Go from Wet to Dry in the blink of an eye!    

A Waterproofing & Drainage Inc

“A” Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. locally-owned and family-operated small business, proudly serving the Greater Portland/Metro and surrounding areas for over 25yrs. A member of the C.C.B. #209016, we are a licensed, bonded, and insured basement waterproofing & drainage company located in Portland, Oregon.  We specialize in all types of wet basement waterproofing & drainage systems and services, crawlspace drainage repair, water in basements and water in crawlspaces, leaky basements or leaky foundation repair, wall leaks, floor leaks, wall cracks, and all other types of basement waterproofing & drainage repairs.

 We design, build, and install our own custom drainage systems, never relying on others systems and products. We stand behind all our services with a lifetime warranty, covered by our 100% satisfaction guarantee. We have 1,000s of satisfied customers locally, gaining more with every basement and home we dry up. We have proven to be a waterproofing & drainage company you can count on and trust for years to come. We actually do what we say we will. Our reputation as the top basement waterproofing & drainage contractor rests on our proven ability to consistently solve every wet basement and crawlspace drainage issue we encounter, even when the typical methods might fail. We are the industry's top basement waterproofing & drainage expert in Oregon, including the Portland/metro area. “A” Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. is a top rated basement waterproofing & drainage contractor. We are an honest, ethical and responsible small business owner. We won’t ever use pressure sales or scare tactics to sell any of our systems or services to homeowners. Our company’s good name, work ethic and spotless reputation do that for us!

 “A” Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. challenges our readers to do a little research on the activities at the once highly regarded Better Business Bureau (BBB) and their faulty grading system. How accurate and honest can a referral really be, if you have to pay the person to give it. And more importantly how much integrity can the BBB have, when for a monthly fee they will knowingly give the unsuspecting public an excellent reference for one of their paying customers, knowing darn well that the client is anything but. The BBB is not a state run or state-backed organization. They are so far from being a non-profit organization, thought to be there to protect the public from fraud.

Who is to gain by displaying your business is accredited, by an organization with no credibility? Our guess would be…Only the ones paying them for it. Watch the segment shown on the television news show 20/20–look and see for yourself. Contact us for more details on our guarantee and lifetime warranties. From wet to dry in the blink of an eye!

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