From Gresham to Salem and all the places in between, no other basement waterproofing & drainage company can offer the knowledge and experience we have. We do our best to make certain every aspect of your basement waterproofing experience with us is easy, convenient and reasonably priced. We do what we promise to do! We stick to solutions that have continued to work for us, and have stood the test of time. Because if it’s not broken, what is there to fix? Go with Oregon’s #1 basement waterproofing & drainage contractor. See for yourself why we are trusted and hired by so many. Just one more reason to call “A” Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. the most experienced and qualified waterproofing & drainage experts. Contact our wet basement waterproofing and crawlspace drainage specialists today at (503) 847-3717 for your free estimate.

Drying up wet basements and crawlspaces is what we do, and no one has proven to be more consistent or successful. We offer our customers the highest quality and most reliable drainage systems available. We ask this question: if you don’t have the time or experience needed to repair it right the first time, how are you going to have the time and ability to repair it correctly the second time? Call for a free estimate (503) 847-3717. We will try and meet or beat any other estimate you’ve gotten. This will depend on the materials used, the job description and the amount of work required. We have several of the most experienced waterproofing & drainage crews working in wet basements all over Portland, and the surrounding areas every day. Our wait time is usually less than 7 days out, with most projects completed within 2 to 7 days, depending on job size.

  “A” Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. in Portland, Oregon have a perfect 100% record of solving leaks and water drainage problems. Making us truly the best in the business. We can proudly say with 100% certainty, that never has any of our customers had to call in another waterproofing contractor to come and fix or repair any of the work we have ever done, and won’t! This is just another one of the many ways in which we have remained #1 in customer satisfaction. Don’t be fooled by other waterproofing & drainage companies that will often try and sell you on using their inferior basement waterproofing systems and solutions, or the network of basement waterproofing systems and products they try and sell to you.

Our Dependability comes from Our Years of Experience!


  All the custom systems and services provided by “A” Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. have been carefully designed, created, developed and perfected, by us, then installed by us. We are the most qualified waterproofing & drainage experts in Oregon, with over a quarter century of reliability, experience, dependability, and consistency. The systems along with the services we provide to our customers are designed to be “maintenance free.” One such innovation is a gravity flow system we have developed in order to permanently keep basements and crawlspaces completely dry year after year. Any  drainage system that relies on electricity, or a battery to operate is only as reliable as the device (sump pump) or the power it requires to work correctly. All the custom systems, services, products and the solutions we offer home owners and businesses all over the N.W. have been tested over time and continue to do as they were designed to. We know what we are doing and no one has done it better or more consistently than “A” Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. has over the last 25yrs. We are and remain Oregon’s leading experts in drying up wet basements & crawlspaces, repairing leaky foundations and structures that have begun to allow water to get inside your basements or the crawlspace area below your home.

  • DRY WELLS   


  "A" Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. is one of the only waterproofing & drainage companies that specializes in providing both interior and exterior waterproofing & drainage systems. When it comes to basement waterproofing & drainage we know one size doesn’t fit everyone. With us, you will not be limited to only interior drainage systems and solutions. So you won’t find us steering you into the one and only option offered by our competitors. Installing a drainage system on the interior or exterior of a home or structure will depend on your particular type of water issue or leak? For example, a foundation that is leaking from or through the wall, can only be waterproofed or sealed correctly and permanantely from the exterior side. Prevent water damage before it comes through the concrete, not after it's gotten inside your home. That is draining the water leak using a interior vapor barrier, not sealing or waterprofing it. Which, if the foundation shows any signs of deterorating, should be avoided, as to not allow further errosion of wall material. 

All of the water collected or diverted away uses a gravity flow system (high to low pt. drain) that directs all the water to low points in the system, to the collection or discharge area. These are designed then installed by us to collect and then remove the water. Whenever possible and if at all practical, we always custom design our systems in a way that all water collected drains away or runs off on its own, naturally. Because no help is needed from an electrical powered device (sump pump), we refer to this system as "maintenance free." This system represents the very best and most reliable of our custom drainage systems, as it doesn’t require continued attention, electricity, or costs to maintain, service regularly, and operate. We are and remain Oregon’s leading experts in drying up wet basements & crawlspaces and in repairing leaky foundations and structures that have begun to allow water to get inside your basements or the crawlspace area below your home.


We Install Custom Crawlspace Drainage Systems without sump pumps!

If you are having water problems due to standing water in the crawlspace area below your home. Causing you to problems passing the home inspections needed in order for it to sell. “A” Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. has the most reliable and dependable crawlspace drainage systems available. All of our systems and services come with a lifetime warranty that’s transferable with the sale of your property. We stand behind all our work with a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which also include passing home inspections. The rare cases where having to use a pump is unavoidable, deciding to use a sump pump should come as a last resort, not the first and sometimes only option offered to you by others. Our installation experts are trained and educated in designing collection systems using back water valves, one way check valves, catch basins, sumps and pump wells in such a way that volume and flow to and from pump, and discharge lines are reduced greatly. The amount of times your pump cycles become less frequent, helping pumps to turn on less, thus lasting much longer and operating much more efficient. Keep in mind, “A” Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. are leading the way, specializing in creating custom drainage systems that are designed and installed to remove and disperse the water collected by our systems in such a way that sump pumps are rarely used and seldom needed. Why in the world would any home owner or business decide to use a pump of any kind, along with the extra devices, if it were not absolutely necessary, when you can get our drainage systems that don't require the use of a pump for the same price and often less?

But, after all is said and done,  WE ARE A BASEMENT WATERPROOFING & DRAINAGE COMPANY, NOT A WATERPROOFING & SUMP PUMP COMPANY If  you don’t have time to do it right, how will you have the time to do it again?
When it pours, “We Reign”



“A” Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. doesn’t fail inspections.  In Oregon, if a home owner has a leaking basement or standing water in the crawlspace area, the inspection needed to allow the home or property to be sold will not pass inspection or approved to be signed off, not until the water problem is fixed or solved?  We have worked closely with most of the city’s inspectors, along with many of the realtors working in the Portland/Metro and surrounding areas. All our work and repairs done have never once failed to pass a home inspection, every single time!  We don't just pass inspections some of the time, or even most of the time. We pass home inspections every single time. That's guaranteed. Call us if you want to be certain to pass an inspection or if you just want a completely dry, safe, and protected basement or crawlspace area below your home or building.


Providing customers with peace of mind is only part of what “A” Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. offers. Our waterproofing and drainage systems & services come with a lifetime warranty on all repairs, services, and installations we provide. Warranties are transferrable with the sale of your home or property. “A” Waterproofing & Drainage Inc. will solve any problems you may have; both while leaking, and wet, or dry at the time.

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